About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of Education Access Network (EAN) is to provide students with free and affordable access to educational services designed to help them prepare for and succeed in higher education and other academic endeavors. EAN believes that limited financial resources should never restrict a student's access to educational opportunities.

Goal Statement

Education Access Network aims to instill in its students the six core competencies below.

These important core competencies are an integral part of EAN's educational programs and essential for fostering personal accountability so that students can make informed academic decisions and create opportunities for themselves.

In order to reach these goals, EAN provides students with access to the following:

Free and low cost educational services

Instructors that are dedicated community volunteers, students, and educational consultants

Quality textbooks, materials, and lesson plans

Exposure to a higher education environment


Education Access Network was founded on September 4, 2001. (The organization began informally as University-College Access Network (U-CAN) in 1999.) Since its inception, EAN has served 2000+ students through classroom-based and individualized tutoring and realized its vision of offering free and low cost subject review, test preparation, and structured programs for higher education-bound students.

As part of its mission to provide free and affordable access to educational services, EAN is in the process of developing additional workshops, courses, and programs for middle and high school students, as well as adult learners returning to school and/or seeking admission to graduate and professional school. EAN also will continue to enter into collaborations and partnerships with organizations and schools so that students participating in programs offered by these organizations have access to EAN's services.


Special Thanks to the following companies, organizations, and individuals:

Senait Habte
Assistant Director
University of Washington Women’s Center
Making Connections Program

Jenee Meyers Twitchell
University of Washington Dream Project

Thomas Calhoun Jr, PhD
Executive Director
University of Washington State GEAR UP Project

Petra Erwin
Program Coordinator
University of Washington State GEAR UP Project

Tracy Shanker
Former Program Coordinator
University of Washington State GEAR UP Project

Marie Gary
Program Coordinator Lead
University of Washington, Room Assignments/Time Schedule

Erik Loken, PhD
Pennsylvania State University

Kate Rolph
Katopia Design Web, Print, and Graphic Design

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